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I found myself painting the haunting song of a mythic Simurgh.

We're coming into a new time now, and art is beginning to find us remembering forgotten ways.

We long for a more potent poetic language akin to the Bardic tradition. For the ancients, speech evoked the patterns of life, and art was a means of exchange with the invisible. That exchange is the true vividness of color and image. It strikes me that modern physics has had a keen fascination with the invisible and as science continues to outgrow its materialist style we are called to deepen our uses of art. It is not far-fetched to think that the scientist of the future will be an artist.


We host workshops in wonderful natural settings where we work both in the studio and outdoors. Through painting, drawing and writing we form intimate contacts with trees, wildflowers, rocks and weather. With good food, laughter and a community of new artist friends, our poetic vocabulary blossoms, and our mastery with color and form grows.

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